“Stressing people since 2002”

The Exercise & Environmental Physiology Lab opened at the University of Oregon in 2002.

Funded by National Institutes of Health

Current research is supported by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of NIH.

Research subjects needed

Interested in participating? You can find the current projects listed in the dropdown menu under PROJECTS.

Throughout my career…

My research has focused on identifying the hormonal, neural, or metabolic factors that are responsible for changes in the cardiovascular system during exposure to...

What are we doing?

The studies we are currently conducting are designed to understand the mechanisms that underlie some of the beneficial effects of exercise, particularly in an...

Why use exercise in research?

We learn much more about the cardiovascular system when we challenge it. Just sitting around, we won’t know what it is capable of doing....

Current Lab Team Members

Matthew Ely, MS Doctoral Student
Josh Mangum, MS Doctoral Student
Dylan Sieck, MS Doctoral Student
Aaron Harding, MS Doctoral Student
Emily Larson, BS Masters Student
Karen Needham, BS Research Technician
John Halliwill, PhD Lab Director
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